The man smoking the cigar is the ancient roman emperor Marcus Aurelius (121 to 181 AD), often referred to as "The Wise" and known for writing his "Meditations"on how to live a good life. He is western history's only example of a Philosopher King in the tradition of Plato.

The Greek letters, Gamma and Sigma, on either side of Marcus, represent "G S" for Grind Stone

3 = 3rd chapter of the Grindstone (Grindstone board, Grindstone Club and Grindstone resurrected)
99 = The year the Grindstone history was rediscovered.

Grindstone Motto

Logos - Philos - Arete

Reason - Brotherhood - Excellence

Grindstone Mission Statement

The Grindstone is a historic group made up of men dedicated to the history and development of Shasta County, and to handling all the problems of government—internal, national and global—through erudite discussion on the relevant issues of the time (and of all time) amongst a brotherhood of peers while enjoying some of the finer things in life.


Grindstone Rituals and Traditions 

Grindstoners - Full membership in the Grindstone requires that you have been tokened.

Gemstones - The wives and fiancés of members of the Grindstone. Automatic membership will be granted once their husband or fiancé is tokened. Future functions to be devised by Gamma Sigma will include joint meetings between Grindstoners and Gemstoners. Gemstones will be encouraged to plan their own functions in order to get to know each other. 

Initiates - Former prospects who have passed the initial membership requirements and have been given a mission to earn their token. See Membership page for more info.

Sponsors - Members who choose to invite a Prospect to the Grindstone. A Sponsor is expected to vouch for the character, and be accountable for the conduct of, the Prospect. The Prospect should be introduced to Grindstone members at each meeting by their Sponsor. The Sponsor should prepared to give an account as to why he thinks the Prospect should be considered for membership, and should prepare the Prospect to be able to meet criteria for becoming an Initiate.

Prospects - Potential members who are men of good character and are interested in becoming a member, and who must be invited and sponsored by an existing member. Nominations should be made to Gamma Sigma, who will then perform an Inquisition. If the Prospect passes the Inquisition, he will become an Initiate and be given an individualized mission in order to earn his token. See Membership page for more info.

Guests - People invited to visit the Grindstone who either do not qualify for membership or have no current intention of joining. Examples would include friends or family members who are visiting from out of town or stopping by for some other reason.

Feeding the Kitty - While dues are not currently required, all members and initiates are encouraged to periodically feed the kitty $5 when attending the Grindstone in order to help defray operating costs.

Token challenging - If two or more Grindstoners find themselves at a drinking establishment, a Grindstoner can challenge the other(s) as to whether they have their token on their person. If the challengee does not, then he owes the challenger a beverage of his choice. However, it is wise to not challenge frivolously, for if the challengee does have his token then the challenger must buy the challengee a beverage. Woe to the Grindstoner who challenges another while not having his own token in his possession! Such an act should be reported to Gamma Sigma immediately for deliberation as to what proper penalty shall be meted out! For those of you who were given the small, antique token, remember that the new larger and more convenient to carry tokens are available for $10 at the Grindstone store (a good investment indeed).

Member Number - All tokened members are duly numbered according to chronological order of tokening; all members will be expected to know their number; their number shall be interchangeable with their name for all Grindstone communication purposes.