Gamma Sigma

A semi-secret branch of the Grindstone, made up of a few Grindstoners who have demonstrated their interest and commitment to the history, traditions, and philosophy of the Grindstone.

The Mission
Gamma Sigma acts as a governing board, to facilitate and maintain a philosophical focus within the Grindstone,
and to oversee the further development and maintenance of our rituals and traditions.



1. Chet Sunde
2. Eric Hicks
3. Paul Gaura
4. Lewis Chamberlain
5. Jason Dell
6. Jason Parker
7. Richard R. Cordero
8. Mark Lynch
9. Ken Tyler
10. Mikka Olsson
11. Adam Ryan
12. Vick Brown
13. Hiram Oilar
14. Andreas Mittry
15. Chris Dell

16. Erik Poole

17. Bob Gladwell

18.  Alex Gaxiola

19. Charlie Smith



Oversight of the indoctrination of new Grindstone members.

Planning of Grindstone events.

Leadership in the absence of the Patron Saint.

Development and maintenance of the rituals and traditions. Grindstone members may propose changes, additions, and exceptions to Gamma Sigma for consideration. 

Facilitation of special meetings for members interested in deeper philosophical discussion.