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1868 Shasta Courier add:
TAYLOR & VOLUNTINE Main Street, Shasta, Dealers in Hardware...

1881 History and Business Directory;
Among the first residents were J. F. Scamman, J.R. Hall, Barney Conroy, D. Breslauer... (pg. 140)

January 13, 1886: Weekly Shasta Courier:
John Estes will start a new saloon in Redding with L. S. Barnes as partner. Barnes was up here this week, and we didn't twig the cause of the triumphant twinkle in his eye; it's explained; we only own a newspaper, while he owns a newspaper and an interest in two saloons. His advantage is apparent. He has found out that of twenty men, one will subscribe and pay for a newspaper, while nineteen will spend their coin for toddies and let the printer's bill go delinquent.

Death record;
Piftschek, Mrs. F. Dec-3-1888 31yr 2mo 6day; b. GER

December, 1888: Weekly Shasta Courier:
Frieda, beloved wife of Charles Piftschek, aged 30 years, died on Monday last, December 3d. She had been dangerously sick for several weeks, of typhoid fever -- in fact, since the birth of her child, five weeks ago. Two little children are left without a mother's care, who, with the bereaved father, have the sympathies of innumerable friends. Deceased was buried on Tuesday last at 3 o'clock.

Saturday, March 15, 1890 Weekly Shasta Courier: Death of Edwin Voluntine
"It becomes our painful duty to record the death of one of our most respected and prominent citizens. Last Monday Morning at 10 o'clock the sorrowful announcement was made that Edwin Voluntine had breathed his last...It was in 1854 that himself and wife came from Ohio to Horsetown, where, for a time he engaged in the tinware business. From Horsetown he came to Shasta, where for many years he has conducted one of the largest and most complete hardware stores and manufactories in Northern California. He leaves to mourn his loss a devoted wife, a son and daughter, beside other relatives and a host of friends. His age was 65 years..." Son John C. came from Lake county for several weeks to attend to estate (liquidation), then Henry Chapman, brother-in-law to E., assisted by Augustus Grotefend, took over April 12, 1890, so John could return to farm.

Shasta Masonic and IOOF Cemetery:
Valentine, Edwin 1825-1890 Valentine, Mary E. 1829-1905 

April 5, 1890: Shasta Courier:
In the fire at Redding last week when six buildings were destroyed, there were of course, losses and accidents that the sympathetic pen can not fully record in of these accidents we are pained to uncloset the fact that our friend Lafe Barnes, of the Democrat, suddenly and without a minutes warning disappeared from the walks of men, and was interred, in his beloved city of Redding, on the evening of March 28th.

August 15, 1891 Redding Independent:
Death by Fire: On Saturday afternoon last, about a quarter to 6 o'clock, two innocent little children--a girl and boy, aged respectively about 4 and 3 years -- met a horrible death from a coal oil explosion. Charles Piftschek, a merchant tailor of this city was at his place of business and his sister, who keeps house for him and who had charge of his two motherless children (Frida and Albert), was sick in bed at the time. It is presumed that the little girl attempted to make a fire in the stove setting on the back porch, and that, in pouring coaloil into the stove from a half gallon can, an explosion took place, scattering the burning oil not only over her clothing, but also over the little boy who stood by, no doubt watching the proceedings. The screams of the little ones brought Miss Piftschek from the house, and also attracted several of the neighbors, who rushed in and attempted to save the children, but before they could be materially helped they were burned in a fearful manner. Miss Piftschek, who picked up the little boy in her arms, had her hands burned quite seriously. The neighbors quickly removed their clothing, and Drs. Miller and Rohm were soon on hand, but it was quite impossible to save their lives, the little girl dying soon after and the boy lingering until about 8 o'clock. The double funeral took place on Sunday afternoon. Charley Piftschek is thus bereft of family, the mother having died about two years ago. He was a good father to his motherless babes, and their sudden and shocking death is a blow which will take years of time's healing to efface.

August 15, 1891: Shasta Courier:
Maggie Collic (or Collot), aged 15 years and 9 months, the daughter of Richard Collic living at Stump Ranch, about two miles from Shasta, met with a sad and fatal accident last Saturday. It seems the girl had been directed to make a fire before supper by her mother, sho had often cautioned her against using coal oil, and as she was pouring oil in the stove, it became ignited and exploded, enveloping her in flames and setting fire to the house. Her father, who stood near, tore the dress off the unfortunate girl, but she was too badly burned to survive the injuries, having inhaled the flames, and died Sunday at 5 p.m., twenty four hours after. The funeral took place at the Protestant cemetery Tuesday morning, Rev. J. J. Martin of Redding officiating.

Dictionary of Early Shasta County History:
Redding Hotel: First known as Conroy Hotel, aka Reading Hotel. Was located at the present site of the Amtrak Train Depot. Owned by B. Conroy in 1878. Included a bar and large fireproof wine cellar. Was also the location of the stage office which provided daily stage service to all points in Trinity, Siskiyou, Modoc, and Shasta counties. [Northern Argus 8-24-1861]

1866 - 1884 Voters Register:
CONROY Bernard 39
IRE saloon keeper Horsetown
13 Feb 1867 1851 NYC cld by 2 yrs limitation
1757 CONROY Bernard 41
IRE saloon keeper Horsetown

Shasta County, CA 1885 Directory:
Conroy, Bernard - proprietor Redding Hotel
1896 Great Register
342 Conroy, Bernard 67 IRE Redding Miner ---- 5' 7½" Dark Brown Gray n. Kings Co., NY 1851
Old St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery
Conroy, Mary May-12-1833 Jul-10-1890 Wf of Bernard Conroy, Stephen Mar-29-1856 Nov-15-1888 Son of Bernard & Mary
Bemis, Nellie May-29-1854 Feb-6-1889 d/of Bernard Conroy & Mary

April 20, 1893:  Smooth Diamond Cigar Trademarked by John W. Potts

Saturday, July 22, 1893: Republican Free Press:
Barney Conroy and family have rented their house to George Dean and will move to San Francisco. The Conroys will carry on a lodging house business. Redding will lose a landmark when Barney leaves.

Today is Tuesday, April 25, 2000:
On this date: In 1900, B. Conroy, a Shasta County pioneer and owner of the Redding Hotel, received another $500 payment on the purchase price of his interest in the Balakala mines on Squaw Creek near Kennett. He intended to retire on the money made from selling his interest later that year. 

Shasta Co., CA 1894 Great Register:
Reg#NameAgeBorn inResidence / P. O. AddressReg DateHeightSkinEyesHairn=Naturalized / Visable marks & scars

3029 Potts, John W. 24IL Whitmore / sameSep-25-18945' 61/2" Light Grey Brown.
2976 Potts John W. 33ENG S. Redding / ReddingSep-16-18925' 8" Light Grey Lightn. Alleghenny Co. PA Sep-1880

CW 1988:39-40:
In 1882 John Estes and Liza...moved to Redding. There were no houses to rent or buy, so they stayed two months in the Redding Hotel, run by Barney Conroy, until finally there was a home for sale on Oregon Street for grandfather to buy. An 1882 news article tells of his "beautiful backyard cottonfield", which was attracting so much attention...Grandfather Estes...owned the southeast corner of the Yuba and California street intersection, across from the Lorenz Hotel. After some time, he sold a half interest to Mr. (Barney) Conroy; Conroy and L. S. Barnes built a very fine hotel on that corner, the Golden Eagle Hotel. It was later sold to John Spellman; the last owners were the Gronwoldt brothers...John Estes...and L. S. Barnes produced a newspaper, the Shasta Democrat, which was one of two papers (the other being the Redding Independent) placed in the cornerstone of the "new" brick elementary school...on the east side of north Pine Street between Trinity and Eureka Way. Next to the school, among the beautiful grove of oak trees, was the Redding picnic grounds, where the celebrations of July 4, May Day, and the Logging Mens Picnics all took place.

Republican Free Press, Sat. Oct. 5, 1889 (Adv.):
Potts & Eberle, Proprietors, Redding Cigar Factory, Manufacturers of, Fine Havana Cigars., Conroys Block, Between California and Market Street, Redding

Free Press, Sat. Dec. 21, 1889 (Adv.):
Potts & Eberle, Proprietors, Redding Cigar Factory, Manufacturers of, Fine Havana Cigars., Conroys Block, Between California and Market Street, Redding, California. Call for our popular brands: Court House, Our Own, Standard, Belle of Cuba, Hom Trad, Punch.

1890 Polk dir. for Shasta:
Potts & Eberle (John W. Potts, Joseph F. Eberle), cigar mnfrs

Weekly Free Press, Sat. April 15, 1893 (Adv.):
Redding Cigar Factory, J. W. Potts, Prop., Manufacturer of Fine Havana Cigars., Also Dealer In, Chewing Tobacco and Smokers Materials, Golden Eagle Hotel Block. Call for the Smooth Diamond.

1894 Great Register:
2784 Nuss, George 32 NY N. Redding / Redding Oct-6-1892 5' 5½" Dark Hazel Black
Marriage Records
Parsons, Benjamin F. Gregory, Alice May Oct-4-1911 P-312

Daily Free Press, July 1899:
"Smoke Smooth Diamond Cigars at top of the Brevities each day."

1900 Voters Registration Shasta Co.:
lists John Walker Potts age 41 precinct #40

Daily Free Press, Wed., Jan. 3, 1900:
Local Briefs: J. W. Potts Has returned from a business and pleasure trip to San Francisco.

Daily Free Press, Wed., Feb. 28, 1900 (Adv.):
The Best Smoke, For a Nickel..., The Leader, 5 Cent Cigar:, Havana Filler, Sumatra Wrapper, Clean and Wholesome., Golden Eagle, Hotel Block., J. W. Potts, Manufacturer.

Daily Free Press, April, 1900 (Adv.):
10 Cents, Straight, The Margarita., A Fine Cigar., None Better for the Price., Golden Eagle, Hotel Block., J. W. Potts., Manufacturer.

The Morning Searchlight, July 18, 1900
Pfitschek-Bartosh. The marriage of Charles Piftschek and Mrs. Mary bartosh took place at the home of the groom Tuesday evening at 6 o'clock, Judge Herzinger officiating. The ceremony was witnessed by only a few intimate acquaintances. Mr. and Mrs. Pfitschek will spend their honeymoon at the Piftschek farm in Happy Valley. The new-made pair have the best wishes of their friends in their new relation.

The Morning Searchlight, July 19, 1900:
John Potts has added a second cigar-maker, B. F. Parsons by name, to his force at the cigar factory. George Nuss is still employed as are also the two boys.

Daily Free press, Monday, Sept. 3, 1900:
Brevities, John Bartosh, chief clerk in John W. Potts cigar store, and sister, Miss Fannie, went to Sacramento Sunday to visit relatives and attend the state fair.

In 1901:
papers stolen from Potts' cigar store were returned after police officers announced that they were of no value to anyone but the rightful owner. The papers were left in a box car at the railroad yard where they were discovered by the road master.

Daily Free Press, Wed., Jan. 30, 1901 (Adv.):
An Old Favorite, Under a New Name, (Picture), The, Grindstone Club., Formerly the Smooth, Diamond Cigar...., Just as good as ever. Made of choice Havana Filler, Sumatra Wrapper. A clean, safe, enjoyable smoke., Manufactured by, J. W. Potts, Redding, Cal., Golden Eagle Hotel.

1902 Index Precinct Registers:
John Walker Potts age 43

Courier Free Press, Jan., 1907 (Adv.):
Smoke, Grindstone Club, Cigars, J. W. Potts, Manufacturer, Redding, Cal.

The Searchlight, Wed., July 3, 1907:
Brevities, John W. Potts is a free man. That does not imply that he has been liberated from jail, but it means that he is free from the cigar business that he conducted so long in the Golden Eagle block. John Bartosh succeeded Mr. Potts as proprietor Monday Morning. Mr. Potts departed in the evening for San Francisco, where he will remain for a month and then go to Oregon to visit a brother who lives at Salem. He said he would give Redding the go-by when he went from San Francisco to Salem. He is off for a good time and is going to have it.

Aug. 6, 1907 (Adv.):
Smoke Grindstone Club, Cigar, Golden Eagle Cigar Store., John J. Bartosh, Prop., Golden Eagle Blk. Redding Cal.

Similar in Courier Free Press, Jan. 2, 1908:
The Grindstone club, a social organization that has met for years in the rear room of John J. Bartoshs cigar store, held its annual meeting Friday evening and elected officers for the ensuing year. After the election, John J. Bartosh, patron saint of the Grindstone club, invited all the members to a turkey feast in the restaurant across the way. James N. Logan was elected president to succeed F. X. LaBonte, who has moved to Decoto. Resolutions complimentary to the retiring president were adopted unanimously and they will be forwarded to him with a box of fine cigars. Other officers elected were these: Secretary, Charles Lord; best vice president, George Endres; treasurer, Marion Nordyke; sergeant-at-arms, Robert Boyd. Those attending the banquet, in addition to the officers named, were Louis Breslauer, Harry E. Thompson, Dorn Isaacs, Ernest A. Rolison, Frank Bloom, Carroll Glaszer, Peter Hoff, Charles McConnell, Harry Schraer, John J. Bartosh and Francis McNeill.

Shasta Intellectual Club, The Searchlight, Tuesday, February 6, 1912: 

            TELLECTUAL CLUB.
    A fire that destroyed the cabin of Edward L. Reese, age 92 and said to have been the oldest man in the
county, burned him so badly in escaping early Sunday morning that he died Monday morning at the
county hospital.
    The deceased was a pillar of Shasta county's early days.  He was the sole surviving originator of the
famous Intellectual club, founded in the town of Shasta in 1865, among the other members being Dr. B. 
F. Shurtleff, James E. Isaacs, E. L. Reese, and Judge Edward Sweeney.
     The blaze was caused by sparks that fell in the cabin while its recent owner and a friend were talking
over old times.  The old structure was almost consumed before either could get out.
     The funeral will take place in Shasta at 2 o'clock this afternoon.

Courier Free Press, Mon., Jan. 3, 1916 (Article):
Forty-one representative citizens of Redding, gathered from all walks of life, enjoyed the banquet of the Grindstone club held New Years Eve at Klukkerts coffee parlor. Peter Hoff, who was the big chief of the "eats" committee, made a name for himself by setting out a fine turkey spread. Dorn Isaacs and Albert Roberts contributed largely to the success of the affair. The committee in charge of the affair dug down in the history of every banqueter and the speeches kept the diners in an uproar throughout the evening.

Grindstone Boys visit Red Bluff Red, Bluff Daily News, Number 240, 11 August 1916

Five prominent members of the now famous "Grindstone Club" of Redding made a visit to Red Bluff Thursday evening and called in on the editor tempora of the News.  While it is customary for members of this organization to travel in "ballast," we can truthfully say that this bunch certainly need reprimanding at the next annual "pow-wow" of the club for their over sight.  The boys were traveling in Dr. Kirwan's "tin-lizzie."

In the party was Shasta famous cattle king, Peter Hoff, the former county commissioner to the Panama Exposition, James N. Logan, the Redding optical king, Dr. J. J. Kirwan, and two merchant kings, Sam Breslauer and Sam Norton.

Come again boys we are always pleased to see our old Redding friends.

The Searchlight, Wed., Jan. 3, 1917 (Article):
The annual high jinks and election of officers of the Grindstone club were held in the rear room of the Golden Eagle cigar store New Year's night. J. N. Logan was re-elected president for the succeeding term, an honor out of the ordinary. Samuel Breslauer was re-elected treasurer. He reported 30 cents on hand, and he said he felt like it. George Endres is vice-president; Al Roberts, secretary, and Peter Hoff, recorder. As customary the solemn rites of this highly fraternal organization were carried off with impressive dignity and decorum. The high ideals and purposes of the club are held inviolate by the members throughout the year. None but those who are duly qualified and elected may gain knowledge of even the first degree of the sacred precepts that guide the steps of the faithful Grindstoner. A small orchestra contributed its share to the ritualistic work, while the exhibition of the degree team was nothing short of "beautiful." Comment on the drilling of the "plumed" knights was highly praiseworthy. Then the interpretative dancing numbers performed by several of the members were said to be letter perfect, raising the standard for all future exhibitions of lodge "work" in Redding. A well known professional man did a highland fling that was highly flavored with Scotch atmosphere, Scotch oats and Scotch whisky, to repeated applause. Refreshments substantial and liquid, were served throughout the evening. Order was maintained at all stages by President Logan with a mallet that was nearly a sledgehammer, the same being effective when brought down resoundingly on the bean of a disturber. In the language of fraternalism, the boys "done their work fine," and to the glory of their own and all secret societies.

The Searchlight, Thurs., Jan. 3, 1918 (Article):
The Grindstone club, a historical organization of Redding that has flocked around Bartoshs cigar store for years, held its annual busta-fest New Years night behind closed doors and drawn curtains. Only those who could give the countersign were admitted to the hallowed precincts next to the alley. James N. Logan, president, was in the chair, and he had behind him to enforce order a maul that would to good service for a railsplitter and a monstrous club as big as his jaw bone. The evening was given over to the hilarity to having two 16 gallon kegs of water with a kick in it on tap and 250 sandwiches to feast on. Lambs orchestra led by James Isaacs on the bass drum furnished the music. C. C. Keen was toastmaster. Luke McDonald spoke feelingly on the subject of "Who Wouldnt Be a Boy Again?" and referred pathetically to the time in 1850 when he and other kids played poker on stumps in the old town of Shasta. Sam Breslauer performed a tonsorial feat by clipping the hair of a long haired shepherd from Red Bluff. Sam got only half through the job when he throew up his hands and quit. There were many other stunts.
J. N. Logan was re-elected president by stampede. Dr. J. J. Kirwan was made vice-president. For attorney there were three candidates -- Charles W. Herzinger (incumbent), Charles H. Braynard and F. P. Primm. A collect message sent early in the day to Charles W. Herzinger at Modesto having not been replied to, he was ruled out of the running. Braynard was elected on the first ballot. The session of the club broke up at 1 oclock in the morning, practically all of the members being able to walk home unassisted.

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