Membership Process as of January 2019


1) Allow 4 new slots for this year (for now).

2) There are more prospects than slots, so the process will be very strict.

3) Please don't sponsor someone unless you are sure they are very motivated and strong candidates. Don't waste their time or ours.

4) Sponsors will need to propose the potential member to Gamma Sigma as a group (at least 5 present) to request that he become an official Prospect.

5) Prospects will be able to attend the Grindstone for 3 months. During this time, Prospects will need to show their interest to Gamma Sigma by helping us get to know them and their motivation so when time comes for Gamma Sigma to vote on them, we know who they are and why we would vote for them vs. someone else. They will need to become very familiar with our history in preparation for an interview. They don't have to attend every week but certainly their attendance will be considered as an indication of their motivation.

6) After this time, the Sponsor will need to meet with Gamma Sigma again to propose that their Prospect has shown his motivation through attendance, interaction with Gamma Sigma, knowledge of our history, and proposed Mission to earn their token.

7) Inquisition: Gamma Sigma will interview those who sound promising regarding their motivation, knowledge of our history, and proposed mission.

8) Gamma Sigma will then vote on either moving them to Initiate status or passing on them at that time.

9) Initiates will be expected to present their mission within one month to earn their token and number.